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- robby

january 26, 2014

fantasy creature

september 28, 2013

"small not tall"

september 17, 2013

beard and a bicycle

september 16, 2013

cute but deadly - "HUG!"

september 15, 2013

useless superhero - "mr. nosebroom"

september 5, 2013

on stands now! "Mr. Mammaries" volume 1

june 26, 2013

playing with clouds

april 28, 2013

my turn!

april 15, 2013

the topic this week was "lost"

for the "Les arbres c'est pas des sucettes!" blog

april 11, 2013

the topic this week was "aliens"

for the "Les arbres c'est pas des sucettes!" blog

december XX, 2012

june 1, 2012

in theaters now!

november 28, 2011

the baby maker

august 7, 2011


click image for more

june 17, 2011

in theaters now!

december 13, 2010


october 5, 2010

out now!

september 6, 2010


march 2, 2010

out now!

$1,000,000.00 to the first man, woman, or child who pitches a "PERFECT" game.

for more details: 2K Sports - MLB 2K10

available on: xbox 360, wii, ps3, ps2, psp, ds and pc

don't forget folks - spring training is here! get your party hats on!

october 20, 2009

B.T.S. for the B.L.T. on L.D.

Labdance is back! Hopefully it will be here to stay. This piece was done for the topic of "B.L.T."

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april 5, 2009

i'm liking the viking

february 7, 2009

giants fanfest

december 28, 2008

"buckle up robby!"

november 11, 2008

the franchise

tim lincecum (san francisco giants) - cy young award winner of the national league

november 9, 2008

"now in color"


We are in the second week of our "weekly challenges" and it has been so much fun. There is nothing like being inspired by friends. This past weeks theme was "transportation". This upcoming week is... "RAMBO!"

check out the blog here: labdance.blogspot.com

november 4, 2008

making of...

a smidge of what went behind the drawing. click the image above to see more.

I have been in demon mode lately... maybe its because a hobo sat on my leg the other day - spreading that hobo juice...

october 29, 2008

weekly challenges

In addition to my "Sketchbook Sundays" I will be posting a little bit of my flat work on my freshly picked, brand new, right out of the box, saran wrap all over the floor BLOG!

A group of us here at the "BSL" have decided to jumpstart the "weekly challenges".   It's basically what it sounds like but with a specific theme in mind. Let the challenge begin.  

Check "Sketchbook Sundays" for the weeks full post

link to blog: www.wobleeh.blogspot.com

october 26, 2008


iSketches - playing with some color on a bunch of sketches done in the library

october 22, 2008

trick or treat?!?!

halloween is just around the corner!

october 19, 2008


bus, lab, class sketches

october 13, 2008


october 12, 2008


bus and lab sketches

october 11, 2008


getting those poses right is crucial.

october 5, 2008


lab sketches

october 4, 2008

lab rat

september 28, 2008


weekend in photos

september 25, 2008

new and used

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this friday!!! tomorrow night. 3131 clement st. 7-11pm

edition of 50 - 6 screen press - 8" wide Todd Francis x 3131 deck available opening night

september 21, 2008


a lot more of my time is spent at the computer these days... here are some sketches that I did during my breaks at the coffee shop and bus stop. For all of my fellow baseball fans, today will be the day of the last game ever played in Yankee Stadium (vs. Baltimore). 5:05pm PST. Tune in.

september 14, 2008


september 7, 2008


september 4, 2008

back to business

2008 fall semester begins today!

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august 31, 2008

"other rooms other songs" by ian johnson

I didn't get a chance to go to opening night but knew this was a can't miss event. head over to "park life" on clement as soon as you can. The show is going on till september 14th. These photos don't nearly do enough justice for his paintings. Amazing work Ian.

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august 30, 2008

bu$t or bail - paul revere 16

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august 24, 2008


august 23, 2008

big money molina!

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august 20, 2008

game 2

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august 17, 2008


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august 16, 2008

thank you zack

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august 13, 2008

go outside. its nice.

august 10, 2008


august 7, 2008

draw, animate, paint!

This is a painting I did exactly one year ago. I don't really do too many but when I have time I try to dabble in as many mediums as I can. It was that very night at exactly 8:51PM where Barry Lamar Bonds would SMASH his 756th record breaking homerun in San Francisco versus the Washington Nationals. (Mike Bacsik was pitching)

"Three and two to Bonds. Everybody standing here at 24 Willie Mays Plaza. An armada of nautical craft gathered in McCovey Cove beyond the right field wall. Bonds one home run away from history. (crack of the bat) AND HE SWINGS, AND THERE'S A LONG ONE DEEP INTO RIGHT CENTER FIELD, WAY BACK THERE, IT'S GONE!!! A HOME RUN! Into the center field bleachers to the left of the 421 foot marker. An extraordinary shot to the deepest part of the yard! And Barry Bonds with 756 home runs, he has hit more home runs than anyone who has ever played the game!"

- jon miller - broadcaster of KNBR 680AM

jon miller can sure paint a picture. tune in, the Dodgers are in town Friday.

august 6, 2008

emmanuel burriss

absolutely beautiful.

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august 3, 2008


august 2, 2008

aau semester info

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july 27, 2008


july 24, 2008

alex hinshaw

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july 23, 2008

spring show extended

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july 22, 2008

b. wilson

"... the radar gun reading in at 100 miles an hour! I do believe that there was some smoke tailing on that one! WHOOOOOOOOAAAAAA BOY!" - jon miller KNBR broadcaster (680 AM)

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july 20, 2008


july 18, 2008

"aau TF"

never in a million years would I have thought that the academy would ever "build" a skatepark. I was amazed to see that it contains all "woodward" pieces - so you know that the ramps are made to last. located right outside of the brannan building in the back. (no helmet/pads required - thank you)

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july 13, 2008

practice, practice, practice

july 6, 2008

"iron man"

july 4, 2008

july 4, 1776

no short wicks

july 3, 2008

rough ideas - part one

A few years ago I came up with this chicken/ rooster character, he was always my "go to" doodle when I was warming up or trying to come up with some new ideas. Over time he has become a little more than just a squiggle hidden in the corners of my paper.

critiques and comments are always welcome! - contact me!

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june 27, 2008

"back in the day..."

I went back home this weekend to help my parents clean up the house for my sisters birthday/graduation party and what's this I see?! Laying right there in the recycling bin?! ... is it?... could it be?... it is!!! some of my old work from elementary school!!!

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june 26, 2008

Spring Show

If you are in or around the San Francisco area you should stop by the show. The location is right off the freeway in our new Brannan building... rumor has it that they set up some skatepark obstacles in that very parking lot.

june 25, 2008

step one:

Picked up some materials today. I'm hoping to recreate one of my characters in 3D form. I'll keep you guys posted on my progress.

june 20, 2008


I just had a "gum graft" done the other day. This was the impression they took before the procedure. What they did was take some gum off the roof of my mouth and placed it over that tiny recession over the "lateral incisor". I swear I don't have a chip in my tooth, it must have been a bubble when the mold was taken. Its a good thing they spotted it early or else that thing would have just fallen out!

june 15, 2008


Congratulations Jenna! - Class of 2008 from the University of California, Santa Barbara