august 17, 2008


Guest Sketches this week! - thanks for the inspiration.

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Gabe Lee decided to add his own flavor to some sketches that I had laying around.

the show "Rob and Big" had just become a huge hit on MTV and Zack Lee just couldn't help himself. 09/15/2006

y is he going to eat the why? ... HA Ha ha.....

amazing. you just can't teach this. Gabe Lee four page spread.

this is just the tip of the iceberg. late night kitchen sketch - Shannon Ng 12/09/2008

it speaks for itself. that summer was awesome. good times. - Zack Lee 08/14/2007

is that a cherry bomb?...

a modern piece by Emma Ng 10/07/2005

mustache eyebrows means business - Alec Ng 10/07/2005

"penis" & "I hate Robby"- Lucas Lee 12/18/2005

"I love lamp..." - Lucas Lee 12/31/05

"quick sketch battle" in the van, tahoe trip 01/02/2006 - Lucas Lee's page

"quick sketch battle" in the van, tahoe trip 01/02/2006 - Zack Lee's page

Emma Ng - 08/09/2008

Gabe Lee gets creative during my sisters graduation ceremony. Stippling, Round striped tiger vs. Straight striped tiger, "2D" written in 3D - mind blowing. 06/15/2008

"GABEY BABY" (portrait of Gabe Lee) - Zack Lee 06/09/2008

"Zack" - Alec Ng 06/09/2008

keeping it simple - Lorraine Tung 11/17/2005

Carlos Joy & Robby collaboration in portfolio class. Ideas just seem to flow better when you work with friends. Spring Semester 2008

wayyyyyyy better than a store bought christmas card. watercolor 2007 - Inyoung Yeo

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